Universal Peace

Overcoming our differences is a task accomplished by two or more parties coming to a mutual understanding. The connection that we all share, at the consciousness level, binds us together with all Creation.

By learning more about one another, the walls of separation dissolve and we see the commonalities between us. Ultimately, we are all related in the infinite sense. Our finite lives experience this dualistic play between 'me' and 'you'. Separation and individualism are our teachers, yet, ultimately we are all related in Spirit. We all derive from the same Source of Absoluteness.

Perhaps our ideological, philosophical and theological understandings differ, yet, when all is said and done, both sides are found to have the same aspirations and are emoting the same life force. There is a common thread that binds us all together. When we come to realize this beauty and the beauty of Creation are we able to step back and appreciate how magnificently complex but simple life can be.

When abundance is accessible to all and not the mere few, we will all have more than enough of what we need. So long as our liberties are upheld through love... we will all prosper in peace. With abundance we will have the ability to trust one another. When the chains of greed are broken through mass abundance, there is no need to fight for what the other has. Compassionate capitalism can thrive and hard work should pay-off but not at the expense of others or our ecosystem.

We are all an intelligent species. We are bright enough to do this, if we allow ourselves to. It is a new time to grow a little more and rid the 'school yard' of it's bullies, yet love them for their lessons, and help ease them back to ultimate truth so that life may thrive in abundance and joy.

To love ultimately is to ultimately love. By loving our slavers unconditionally, we brake the bonds they have over us.

Love conquers all.

Last updated 11/11/12 11:11am AST